Do you want to have a new website created? Or do you want to highlight your company online, for example on social media or in a magazine? Whatever the goal, with striking images you can tell your story even better than with words alone. And every company has a story to tell, right?


  • · Making your business stand out online with professional images strengthens the corporate image.

    · Business photography allows you to paint a picture of your company, a picture that your customers might otherwise miss. You put faces to names, you can portray certain business processes, you can go out of your way to show the buildings where the magic happens.

    · Long texts are usually not read online. A clever image is more likely to hold a potential consumer's attention longer.

    · Professional business photos make for an attractive and interesting website that stays with consumers. Great photos increase clicks and interaction online.

    · Beautiful images create a good first impression of your target audience and can even be a persuasive factor.

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With corporate photography, you can give a nice image of your company, what you stand for and what values are important to you. You can choose exactly what to highlight. In fact, every aspect of the company can be photographed. Staff, buildings, business processes and executions can be portrayed appropriately.


All your corporate communications aligned with the corporate identity, that's the goal. If you communicate a certain way about your company offline, then that style should be followed for your online business communication. If you also need new material for offline use, it is best to let your company photographer know in advance. That way you will receive professional image material that is suitable for both the website / webshop and for social media as well as for advertising campaigns, brochures and printed matter. This way, you can distribute equivalent content and ditto images through every online and offline platform.

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Corporate photography allows you to highlight your business online. You can turn to Studio Ballena for a professional approach. Our corporate photographers are happy to get to know your company and do not lose sight of the purpose of the corporate photos. Feel free to contact us for more information.