Business and industrial photography

Studio Ballena is specialised in industrial and business photography. We visualise the logistical, technical and administrative processes so your target audience can really see how the production or services work.

As producer or services company you of course want to emphasise the unique features of your product or brand. Capturing the operations in your business in images can make your (potential) clients can better identify themselves with the company. At the same time professional business or industrial photography will put the focus on the uniqueness of your brand.

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Your business photographed professionally.

Studio Ballena captures the activities of your company and staff in pictures. Giving your business more visibility is what good business photography is about. You do not only present your company with industrial business photography but also the working methods, processes and realisations.

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Professional and fascinating business photography by Studio Ballena 


We vouch for every aspect of the creative proces and guard closely to keep the focus on the essence of your brand or business. Combined with the post-production of the captured pictures your receive images in impeccable quality, directly usable to increase your brand visibility and loyalty.

Using images as strong and vibrant as those created by Studio Ballena, our business and industrial  photography can make a difference in the process of persuasion of your clients.

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