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Studio Ballena specialises in tabletop video & motion. We are an advertising photography & video studio that helps agencies, big brands and start-ups alike create visually stunning campaigns that leave a lasting impression..

At Studio Ballena, we understand the power of visual communication. Our in-house team and permanent freelancers have a passion for capturing advertising visuals in a powerful way. Whether you want to showcase your product, capture the essence of the brand or tell a compelling story, we have the expertise and passion to exceed your expectations.

What makes Studio Ballena different? Our deep experience in advertising and packaging allows us to provide customised photography, video & motion solutions that perfectly match your creative vision. We understand critical deadlines and the importance of accurate planning. With us, you can count on professional service and on-time delivery to ensure campaigns run smoothly.

We go a step further and like to use motion control and special effects to add extra dynamics and depth to the video & motion projects we create. This makes your campaign even more eye-catching and interactive. Using our motion control robot, special effects systems, high-speed camera and 12K video recording, the creative possibilities are almost unlimited with extreme slow-motion footage and dynamic special effects.

Browse through our portfolio to see examples of our previous work and get inspired. Our experienced team works closely with you to convey the right mood and emotion to ensure your campaigns have maximum impact. For all digital media, ads or billboards, we always deliver images that grab attention and reinforce your message. Whether you are a high-end agency, international brand or a local entrepreneur, we invite you to work with Studio Ballena for your next advertising video & motion project. Contact us today and let's start a creative journey together.

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