Breathtaking images for business

Amazing product photography

We capture the essence of your products in our images. Our product photography puts your product in the center of attention and draws the attention of you clients.

Professional business and industrial photography

Studio Ballena visualizes the logistic, technical and administrative processes so your target audience can see what’s behind your production and services.

Tastefull food photography

At Studio Ballena we capture the natural beauty, vibrant colors and complex textures of food. We work closely with our clients to make sure the essence and vision they want to share is translated through our pictures.

Timeless architectural photography

Studio Ballena looks for appealing perspectives or stunning light to make dynamic and powerful images of a static building or interior.

 Breathtaking aerial photography 

Studio Ballena supplies breathtaking aerial photos of your company, realisations or projects with our own drones or from a helicopter. The exceptional point of view gives these images a special visual appeal.

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