How can quality product packshots
boost your sales?​

What is a packshot?

A packshot is a photograph that focuses on the product. It is usually taken on a white background to focus attention entirely on the product. The purpose of a packshot is to show the details of the product and convince potential buyers of its quality. A packshot focuses on the product itself, often leaving out other elements such as brand logos, packaging or promotions. This ensures a clear and distinct representation of the product, allowing consumers to make an informed choice. A good packshot photographer has an eye for detail and knows how to capture the product in an attractive way. The use of a white background creates a professional look and makes the product more visible. The purpose of a packshot is to present the product at its best, making it an essential part of a brand's marketing strategy.

Why are professional packshots essential for your webshop?

Professional packshots are essential for your web shop for several reasons. First, a professional packshot helps present your products in an attractive way to potential customers. A packshot is a photo in which the product is the focal point and all details are clearly visible. By using professional packshots, you create a reliable and high-quality image for your webshop. Customers can better visualize the products and have more confidence in their quality. In addition, professional packshots can also contribute to the professionalism and credibility of your webshop. It shows that you pay attention to the presentation of your products and that you are serious about running your webshop. In short, using professional packshots is an investment that can lead to higher customer satisfaction and a higher conversion ratio for your webshop.

Why you can't do without a product photographer.

A professional product photographer is essential for creating high-quality product photos that effectively convey the power of your products. Packshot photography is a specialized field that requires a great deal of skill and expertise to produce the right images. Good product photos are crucial in convincing potential customers to make a purchase. They are the first impression of your products and can determine the success of your business. A professional product photographer has the necessary technical knowledge and equipment to achieve the best results. They know how to adjust lighting, composition and background to display the products most attractively. Moreover, they also have knowledge of post-processing techniques to further refine the images. In short, a product photographer is indispensable when it comes to presenting your products in a professional and convincing way.


Q: How can product packshots and good product photography boost your sales?

A: Product packshots and good product photography can boost your sales by providing e-commerce websites and web shops with high-quality and attractive images. They attract the visitor's attention, create a positive experience around your brand and ensure that products are displayed perfectly. In addition, good product photos help potential customers find the right information and contribute to the professional look of your online store. Overall, high-quality and creative product photos can increase sales by creating a powerful and compelling atmosphere that encourages visitors to purchase.

Q: Why is good product photography important for e-commerce?

A: Good product photography is important for e-commerce because it enhances the visitor's experience. Instead of being able to physically touch and experience the product, visitors online need to be convinced by the images they see on your website. By investing in good product photography, where products are captured from multiple angles and with the right lighting, you create an atmosphere and experience similar to shopping in a physical store. This contributes to visitor confidence and can lead to more conversions.

Q: What are the benefits of good product photography for my webshop?

A: Having good product photography in your webshop has several advantages. First of all, high-quality and attractive images invite potential customers to visit your webshop. In addition, good product photos help give the visitor the right information about the product and give the visitor a feeling of trust and quality. This makes it more likely that the visitor will proceed to purchase. Moreover, good product photos contribute to the professional look of your webshop, making customers more likely to buy from you instead of the competition.

Q: Should I invest in good product photography for my webshop?

A: Yes, it is important to invest in good product photography for your webshop. Good product photos ensure that your products are presented in the right way to potential customers. This allows them to get a better idea of the product, the materials and any details. This contributes to the experience and confidence of the visitor and increases the likelihood that they will proceed to purchase. In addition, good product photos create a professional look for your online store, which can convince customers to buy from you instead of the competition.

Q: What kind of products can I have photographed?

A: You can have almost all types of products photographed. But we especially specialize in cosmetics, accessories, electronics, food, beverages, furniture, or other products, good product photography can be important in all industries. It is essential that the product photos present the products in the right way so that the visitor gets a good idea of the product and its details. Whether you have a large catalog with many products or a small assortment with unique items, good product photography can contribute to the success of your webshop.

Q: Can I use my product photos for print, graphic design, my website as well as my social media?

A: Yes, you can use the same good product photos for print, graphic design, your website and your social media channels. Good product photos provide a consistent look and professional presentation of your brand and products, regardless of the platform on which they are posted. By using the same photos, you create recognition and reinforce the powerful experience you want to convey to your target audience.

Q: Should I hire a professional photographer for good product photography?

A: Hiring a professional photographer for good product photography is generally recommended. A professional photographer has the right equipment, knowledge and experience to capture your products in the best possible way. They know how to create the right lighting, composition and atmosphere to enhance the experience and appeal of your products. In addition, they can help you manage and edit the photos so that they perfectly match your brand and website.

Q: How many product photos do I need for my webshop?

A: The number of product photos you need for your webshop can vary depending on the size of your assortment, the type of products and the information you want to present to the visitor. In general, it is important to have several photos per product, showing different angles and close-ups. This gives the visitor a good idea of the product and allows them to clearly see any details. In addition, it is also helpful to have mood photos that illustrate the use or application of the product. It is recommended to determine the right amount of photos for each product to give the visitor enough information.

Q: Why do product photos need to be freestanding?

A: Product photos should be made freestanding to draw full attention to the product. By detaching the product from the background, it becomes part of a neutral environment where all focus is on the product itself. This allows the visitor to better focus on the details, features and functions of the product without being distracted by unnecessary elements in the background. Freestanding product photos contribute to a professional appearance and allow the photos to be placed on different backgrounds for various applications.

Q: What is the importance of close-up photos in product photography?

A: Close-up photos play an important role in product photography because they allow the visitor to get a closer look at the product and clearly see all the details, features and materials. Whether it is small details on a piece of jewelry, textures on a fabric or buttons on a garment, close-up photos help the visitor get a better idea of the product and can contribute to the visitor's persuasion and confidence. By adding close-up photos to your product pages, you give the visitor the opportunity to inspect the product as closely as possible before they proceed to purchase.

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