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Advertising photographer at Studio Ballena

The world of advertising photography is bigger than the limited number of techniques that are currently used in commercial photography. At Studio Ballena, you can find product photography and advertising photography, adapted to your specific wishes and preferences. The advertising photographer makes use of a wide diversity of resources to not only sell products, but also lifestyles, concepts and ideas. He possesses a large creative freedom to interpret how products, services, lifestyles and ideas can be represented through photography. Advertising photographers are often experts in the areas of marketing, design, corporate management and sale trends. It is estimated that 80% of all advertising campaigns makes use of photography.

Commercial photography includes taking photographs for commercial use: for instance in adverts, packaging, merchandising and product placement. Commercial photography is also used in corporate brochures and folders, menus in cafes and restaurants, and other similar applications where images provide added value to the text. This form of photography is also used to promote or sell a product or service. Commercial photography is the creation of images to help sell a product or service. The photos that are produced, and the production style, need to be closely related to both the general branding strategy for that product or service as well as the target market of the company. Successful commercial photographers understand how things are sold, and are able to interpret the quality that stimulates people to buy a certain product or service. Professional product photography can be a great asset to many websites. Professionals understand the use of the correct lighting, background materials, camera angles, camera focus, depth of field, and other technical considerations.

Working methods at Studio Ballena

At Studio Ballena we can take care of your product photography and advertising photography, adapted to your specific wishes and preferences. Advertising photography or commercial photography includes the shooting of images for commercial use: adverts, packaging, merchandising, brochures, websites, … In this way the advertising photography contributes to the sale of a product or service. With the right lighting, background materials and accessories, we will achieve the perfect photograph. Our driven, experienced team added to the best techniques and materials allow us to offer the best quality to our customer. In this way we can make a success of your project.

Contact Studio Ballena

Looking for a product photographer or advertising photographer? In need of packshots for you catalogue or online use (webshop or website)? You can count on Studio Ballena for all your high quality pictures. Contact Studio Ballena through our contact form or pop in and visit us at our studio in Welle.