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Art photographer at Studio Ballena

For artists, as well as a design and a good name, photographs of their artworks are extremely important. Whether these are photos for brochures, portfolios, newsletters, social media, or websites, high quality photographs that characterise the work are of the utmost importance. At Studio Ballena, we ensure added value for your private or corporate collection of collectables by means of art photography of the art or the collection. For an honest and qualitative representation of your jewelry, music instruments and sculptures, professional art photographer Studio Ballena your go-to partner. We implement these parts by means of art & collections photography.

Working methods at Studio Ballena

Art photography and photography of collections can vary from art and antiques to collectibles such as vehicles or watches. They are wide-ranging terms in which several factors need consideration. For instance the choice of light, the position and the background can play a large part. Art photographs will be optimally displayed when soft light is used. By using specialist lenses, we can keep the perspective as flat as possible. In art photography, the focus must be on the work of art and not on the background. Therefore a neutral background is essential. In paintings, the emphasis is mainly on colours and textures. In monumental art, in particular sculpture, an interpretation of the artwork is made by our art photographer. At Studio Ballena, we always work with the utmost care and respect for the collectables, as well as using the required discretion, also for product photography, food photography and company photography.

Contact Studio Ballena

Interested in an art photographer? Do not hesitate to contact us at Studio Ballena through the contact form or come to our studio in Welle.