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360 product photography

360° product photography & 3D spin product photography is the most effective way to provide visual information and to build the consumer’s trust in your products and your brand. With 360° product photography, your online shop will be taken to a new level. A potential client will get a better feel for the product and will be more likely to decide to buy. The popularity of online shopping is increasing year on year and this is also true for the use of 360° product photography in online shops. 360° product photography involves recording a number of fixed product images using specialised equipment that rotates the product on one or more axes.

The images are processed, trimmed and integrated using a special lens which means the consumer can interact with the product. This can be done by rotating the image to display several angles or by zooming in to get a detailed picture of the product. Another important aspect of Studio Ballena is the production of virtual tours. These involve a simulation of an existing location, created from a series of photographs. They can also contain other multi-media elements, such as sound effects, music and spoken or written text. The technology creates a realistic experience, allowing potential customers or clients to visit possessions, companies or online shops and discover them as if they are stepping into the building or company in real life.

Working methods at Studio Ballena

Thanks to our extensive experience and dedication, we can breathe new life into your website and your products through 360° product photography. 3D photography gives you an end result where visual information and multiple perspectives are shown in a professional way. This shows a more effective online representation of your website or webshop. We work with a PhotoRobot, also known as a flying camera, where every little product detail is shown. At Studio Ballena, we work together with our customers to create a unique and complete end product. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide anyone looking for 360° product photography with the best results.

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