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Food stylist at Studio Ballena

Looking for a food stylist or product stylist? Are you looking for a professional who knows how to prepare food so it looks beautiful in photos or video? Then come to Studio Ballena. As food stylist or culinary stylist, we know how to ensure that food is photogenic. This is not a simple task, and various techniques are involved to make sure that a dish, an ingredient or a drink looks as appealing as it is in reality. Food styling in our studio or on location asks for the necessary creativity, experience,  an eye for detail and professional equipement, whether it are drinks, chocolate, dessert, cocktails, fish, sauces, spreads or fruits and vegetables, grain, olive oil and such.
For your products we also offer product styling and set styling. We ensure that your product is displayed in the correct environment and style to suit your photo or video campaigns. This creates the right atmosphere to strengthen your product or brand and to appeal to your target market.

Striking images

A food stylist portrays your dishes in the best possible way. We want to give your readers of your cookbook desire to jump into the kitchen and try out the recipes, or leading customers to you restaurant. Studio Ballena works with a food stylist who has more than 10 years of experience. We complement the products and dishes of our customer with fresh ingredients in a setting of choice.  We can utilise a large range of accessories: surfaces, cutlery, linen, ingredients, …. In this way we can tailor the style to the wishes of the client.
The message you want to convey must be completely included in the image that you put before your potential customer. It must attract his attention and his interest must be sparked instantly. Therefore the styling of food, as well as of products and sets, is something that has to be done exactly right, and is best done by a professional. We at Studio Ballena will focus on your product down to the smallest detail.

Collaborating with Studio Ballena

Because of our years of experience in various photography domains such as architectural photography and product photography, you can count on Studio Ballena for services such as food stylist, product stylist and set stylist. Take a look at our portfolio or make an appointment at