Food photography

Culinary photographer at Studio Ballena

Ever looked at an image of food that made you feel hungry instantly? Or made you want to order it immediately to be able to taste it? Then that might be down to a great culinary photographer, because knowing how to photograph food is a real art. You can come to Studio Ballena for culinary photography. As well in our studio as on location we take care of your products with high-end equipment and in high resolution according to the art of light. Whether it is about bread, cake, pie, pasta, beer or cocktails, gin, fruits and vegetables, sauces, chocolate or a complete set table. The photographer works together with food stylists, who know exactly how to style certain dishes or ingredients for a photo shoot, to ensure they look as tasty as possible.

Studio Ballena: specialists in food photography

Have your product put in the spotlight of Studio Ballena, so you can be sure that the end product will be a photo that meets or even exceeds your expectations. As your partner, we work with you to create a complete concept. We take care of both the food styling and the photography. Studio Ballena will give you images that you can use on your website, in adverts, print, social media and other channels.

A professional photo taken by a specialised food photographer makes everyone’s mouth water. Together with a food stylist, the photographer will compose the perfect creation to ensure that dishes and ingredients look as tasty as can be. Putting your product in the spotlight of Studio Ballena will exceed all your expectations. Together we work out a complete concept in detail. As a professional food photographer with years of experience and and eye for detail we take the perfect picture and take care of the necessary editing and touch-ups.

Collaborate with Studio Ballena

Are you looking for a professional culinary photographer with many years of experience in food photography and other photography? Then contact Studio Ballena so we can look at how we can showcase your products in the best way.