Food photography

Food photographer at Studio Ballena

Do you need professional photos for a brochure, magazine, cookbook, advertising campaign or any other medium? Studio Ballena is the go-to place! As a professional food photographer with high-end equipment, we make the best photos of what the customer serves us, both on location and in the studio. The result of those shoots? Photos that will make you crave for the photographed product. Whether you’re a chef, foodie or caterer or you need photos for advertising purposes, Studio Ballena is an ideal partner for food photography. Also drinks, alcoholic or not, can be the product to photograph.

More than food photography

In addition to pure food photography we also take care of the food styling, where we ensure that your product is presented in the right environment and style, namely an environment and style that will make sure that your potential customer is immediately attracted. Photos that have everyone salivating is what we strive for when it comes to food photography. Photographing food is a true art. The art of lighting, the right styling, color reproduction, attention to the details, … it’s all very important when you want a professional result in high resolution and with the right focus. As with all other kinds of photography by the way. Besides food photography, Studio Ballena also provides product photography, architecture photography and corporate photography.

Getting started with Studio Ballena?

Looking for a creative partner that can capture your dishes or ingredients in a professional way? In studio or on location? Go for food photographer Studio Ballena. Thanks to our experience and knowledge we can provide high-quality images of everything that is edible and that will absolutely make your mouth water! Would you like to learn more about how we work? Send us a message using the contact form or visit us in our studio in Welle!