Food photography

At Studio Ballena we capture the natural beauty, vibrant colors and complex structures of food. We work closely with our clients to ensure we transfer the essence and vision they want to share in our images.

In our studio we provide the right setting, impeccable foodstyling and we photograph food and drinks with great care and precision. Our professional food photographer creates mouthwatering quality images, usable on different channels.

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Your food photographed professionally

To show of food in the right way – with a chance to really stand out in social media feeds – we look further than only the visual qualities of food and drinks. We record sensations that are usually not easy to capture. In other words Studio Ballena looks for ways to display temperature, texture, smell, spicyness and even flavors.

Elisettes met decoratie chocolaterie Elise

Professional and fascinating food photography by  Studio Ballena 

We work in detail with our clients on food styling, placement and presentation of food to really bring the pictures to life. Thanks to postproduction of the created images you receive the images in flawless quality, immediately usable to increase your visual identity.

Using images as strong and vibrant as those created by Studio Ballena, our food photography can make a world of difference in the process of persuasion of your clients.

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