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Business photographer at Studio Ballena

Corporate photographers do everything in their power to showcase a company by means of striking photographs. Employees, buildings, office spaces, interior, machines, production, … a business photographer knows exactly how to portray the image of a company. These photos are also a perfect addition to your promotion material: annual reports, flyers, leaflets, ….

He or she then translates this to the various media for which the images are intended, both internally as well as externally. Think for instance of annual reports, documents and other company papers, but also flyers, leaflets and other promotional materials for the company. At Studio Ballena, we as photographers help our customers in the areas of corporate photography and industrial photography to promote their services and products by means of photographs.

More than just industrial photography

Whatever the intention for the photographs is, Studio Ballena will do its utmost to meet everyone’s expectations. Are you looking for someone to photograph your products? Or are you more interested in someone who can ensure 360° product photography for your website? Or do you need a food photographer? These services are also available at Studio Ballena. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can arrange corporate photography and industrial photography down to the smallest detail.

Contact Studio Ballena

Are you looking for a professional business photographer? Then contact us so we can look at how we can showcase your company. Take a look at our portfolio as well, which will show you how we have collaborated with past clients. You can always request a quote without obligation, or visit our office in Welle.