Corporate photography

Corporate photographer at Studio Ballena

Boosting the image of your business: this is why you should choose Studio Ballena. At location or in studios we make the best shots with a professional corporate photographer. In studios our photographer can play with the art of light and high-end material is used. Do you want corporate pictures? Or are you looking for pictures of your workforce, colleagues or buildings? Do you need to frame the manufacturing process with a focus on the best images of the warehouse, the production hall, the machinery, the offices, the products and the services? At Studio Ballena you chose the right address for all your corporate photography. You can even count on us for social media and virtual tours. With all of this, you can promote your products and services. Are you also looking for a creative partner for advertising photography within your business? Studio Ballena is the perfect choice! We have an eye for details when it comes to publicity, imagery, leaflets and many more and we use an excellent color reproduction to make high quality images.

More than only corporate photography

With corporate photography you can make the best pictures of buildings, employees, productions, interior, machinery and offices. Because we all communicate via images, they are extremely profitable and crucial for businesses. Start profiling your company and choose corporate photography at Studio Ballena. But we can also help with architectural photography, food photography, foodstyling, product photography, 360° photography, virtual tours, social media and more!

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Do you want to launch out about your products or services? Choose corporate photography, social media and virtual tours via Studio Ballena. Thanks to years of knowledge and experience our corporate photographer can deliver images and videos in the highest quality. Do you want more information? Do not hesitate to contact Studio Ballena or to ask for a proposal.