About studioBALLENA

studioBALLENA was founded by Bert Balcaen in 2006 and is managed together with Caroline Temmerman.
After many years as a graphic industry specialist and production leader in a leading flexible packaging company the enthusiasm for photography took the upperhand.
The specialisation in commercial photography, graphic and packaging design as well as printing and packaging services are backed by the years of experience of both Caroline and Bert in the food packaging production industry.
Caroline Temmerman is as master in marketing and communication a key to translate the requests of clients into a creative and unique styling and service.
The team behind studioBALLENA is complementary and of great value in competence and service for our clients.

About studioDAVID

Since more than 30 years, Guy David, graphic designer and photographer, together with Jacqueline Balcaen, stylist, join their ideas and let creative concepts grow.
Their reactivity is unsurpassed, so they can offer quick delivery of a full range of services and products to the customer.
A great professionalism in the business lets them respond in the best way to your demands.